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New CD
My new album, Filled With Gods, is now available - and may be purchased through cdbaby.

I have been told my vocal style is eerily reminiscent of Al Stewart (with a smidgen of Pet Shop Boy!), but my new album also combines pounding upbeat guitar-fuelled Brit Rock with piano ballads and some jazz grooves.

From the rocking opening track, Little Black Car, I will drive you through a series of pop-rock, Latino, jazz and melancholic ballad experiences, all decorated with some of the narratives which inspired me to write.

I am the keyboard man in a stand-out band, Strictly Dan (see below), which is gigging regularly, and I believe we are one of England's finest Steely Dan tribute acts. So the new album naturally reflects some Fagen/Becker influences.

Compared with my previous work, I suppose the song structures have become more complex, the jazz influence is there, but there's some guitar work, as in previous albums, which I'm happy with. However, despite the new directions in composition, the album is still authentically me!

I really hope you like it, and I can't thank Nick Beere enough for his production guidance, and Harini Narayan for the outstanding artwork on the cover. I'll write more about that later, but the Gods are all 'real' in the sense that they were indeed revered by lost civilisations from Earth's past! and Harini's cornucopia of deities is a joy to behold.

Strictly Dan
This is my current band, not surprisingly a tribute band to Steely Dan. We have been gigging since late 2013. I play keyboards and add some vocals, and enjoy the challenge of performing the Fagen/Becker repertoire.

Listen to this sample of the band's work, and visit the band's official website.

Previous recordings
My music is available for download from iTunes, Amazon and other download sites.

The CDs can be purchased (or downloaded) online through cdbaby.

See also The Hammerman on the official Alfred Williams website.

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